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A New Dimension – CDJ-3000 Professional DJ multi player

Harness a higher level of creative power with our flagship multi player. Driven by an MPU (micro-processing unit) and with bespoke high-quality parts, it’s a robust unit packed with innovative features.


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Artist series: Carl Cox

Carl conveys specifically what features of the CDJ-3000 professional DJ multi player are working for him and what performance factors are the most important.
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Artist Series: Kölsch

In this video, Kölsch tells us how certain features on the CDJ-3000 professional DJ multi player, such as Key Shift and the dedicated Beat Jump buttons, will reduce amount of time he needs to prepare for performances.
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Artist series: Jonas Blue

Music is love and life to Carl Cox, who’s always happy when he’s sharing sounds. In this video, the inimitable DJ explains how CDJs are his “instruments” and how the layout and feel of a deck are so important.
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Artist series: ZEDD

DJ/producer ZEDD is famed for his high-energy shows. Here, he explains how the CDJ-3000 will help him rock the crowd, thanks to dedicated Beat Jump buttons, 8 reorganized Hot Cues, and full audio file caching.


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Artist series: DJ EZ performance

Check out an exclusive performance from DJ EZ, created with 4 CDJ-3000 multi players and a DJM-900NXS2 4-channel pro DJ mixer. DJ EZ is widely regarded as one of the world's most gifted selectors. 


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How to use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay

rekordbox CloudDirectPlay enables you to browse your entire cloud-based music library directly from the CDJ-3000 and play any track live when you use the rekordbox Creative or Professional plan.
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How to set up Pro DJ Link Lighting

It's easy to sync lights with your music when you’re using the CDJ-3000 and rekordbox. You can use Pro DJ Link Lighting with any rekordbox plan, including the Free plan, when you have the RB-DMX1 interface connected.
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How to use the 8 Hot Cue buttons

The CDJ-3000 has 8 multicolored Hot Cue buttons that run from left to right underneath the waveform display. You can use them to instantly jump to different points in a track and start playback or a loop from that point.
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How to use the Dedicated Beat Jump buttons

Use the dedicated Beat Jump buttons for seamlessly moving forward and backward through a track by your chosen number of beats. And, if you trigger an instant double, you can use Beat Jump to easily beat juggle.
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How to use the Auto Beat Loop section

The CDJ-3000 has a revised Auto Beat Loop section that includes a newly added button for triggering 8-beat loops. You can customize loop lengths and even choose odd timings if you want to create polyrhythms.
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How to use and customize the browse section

The 9-inch touch screen enables you to see lots of information. You can view track waveforms – including the 3Band Waveform – as well as full track artwork, a bigger tracklist, and BPM and key information.
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How to use Touch Preview and Touch Cue

The CDJ-3000 offers powerful cueing features via Link Cue when you connect the player to a compatible mixer in a Pro DJ Link network.
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How to use 3Band Waveform and Stacked Waveform

The CDJ-3000 offers 3Band Waveform, which shows high, mid, and low frequencies in different colours so you can glance at the screen and easily understand how a track sounds.

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