03 October, 2023

Update: CDJ-3000 firmware ver. 3.11

New firmware for the CDJ-3000 is now available.
This update includes the following changes.

  • Cloud Analysis is now available to quickly display BPM and waveform by retrieving analysis data from the cloud when loading an unanalyzed track.
  • The rating of a loaded track can now be changed. Use the Edit Rating button in the detailed information of the track.
  • Information Jump is now available, which enables you to navigate to tracks with the same BPM, key, or other category from the detailed information of a loaded track.
  • Link Info is now available so you can use one CDJ-3000 to check the detailed information of the track loaded on each player in the PRO DJ LINK network. Touch the track name on the waveform screen to see the detailed information.

  • Display order on the Source screen has been renewed.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

CDJ-3000   Firmware  ver. 3.11   Download page


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