08 octombrie, 2015

iScratch Tokyo

The Red Bull Thre3style world finals in Tokyo were busy - but the competitors, special guests and judges still managed to make history.

iScratch Tokyo saw them take part in the world's biggest ever scratch session, a collaboration of ideas, skills and teamwork that required the use of 40 PLX-1000 turntables, 40 DJM-S9 mixers, 80 XLR cables, 6 PA mixers and a lot of work in the studio.

The final product? A massive eight-minute mix.

DJs were randomly selected and split in to 10 teams before given a few days to each come up with a sixteen bar scratch solo that would go on to make up the final track.

After collaborating in Red Bull Studios Tokyo, they came together to put it all together - and DJ history was made when forty of the biggest names in DJing took part in the biggest scratch circle the world has ever seen.

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