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Bridge software for PRO DJ LINK system

Softwares / Interfaces

Sync sound and visuals

PRO DJ LINK Bridge is an application that enables you to synchronize lighting, video displays and pyrotechnics with audio played on our professional DJ set-up when using certified products from licensed companies.

PRO DJ LINK Bridge helps the PRO DJ LINK network system to run smoothly and ensures seamless syncing between visual effects and DJ performances. By connecting software and hardware, DJs, event producers, lighting designers, LJs, video creators and VJs can bring shows to life with hypnotic visual effects.

Connection diagram ProDJLink Bridge

Connection diagram Showkontrol

Download the software from the relevant link below.

Compatible products

You'll need to update each unit’s firmware to the latest version on our support page.

licensed companies

Visual processing technology for software and media servers company: ArKaos S.A.

Integrated lighting and media control for visual technology company: Avolites Ltd.

Timecode software company: BLCKBOOK B.V.

Powerful lighting control software and console company: ChamSys

Hardware and software for real-time video manipulation company: Green Hippo Ltd.
Green Hippo

Visual software and media server company: Resolume B.V.

Timecode and show control software company: TC Supply
TC Supply

You can find a list of licensed companies’ certified products here.

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