ddj-1000-colour-on-jog-display-tutorial gmRP61cZmwM

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - Colour On Jog Display

The DDJ-1000 controller's LCD On Jog Display shows you all the information you need, including full waveform, platter position, key, BPM, pitch setting, sync setting and Cue Scope. Plus, you can customise the On Jog Display in rekordbox - find out how.
ddj-1000-cue-scope-tutorials 8UR-hYVESzQ

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - Cue Scope

Revealing Hot Cues up to 16 bars in advance, you can use the Cue Scope on the DDJ-1000's On Jog Display to help you mix and scratch. We show you how to set Hot Cues as reminders, or as markers while beat juggling.
ddj-1000-new-beat-fx mk3WAHdH2n4

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - New Beat FX

Learn how to work with the DDJ-1000's 4 new Beat FX - Low Cut Echo, Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw and Mobius Triangle. We break down their construction and effects.
ddj-1000-key-sync-key-shift-and-keyboard-mode-tutorial pRuuNv-Uu0w

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - Key Sync Key Shift and Keyboard Mode

Sync the key of your cued track to the live track, shift the key up or down by a semitone, and use the Performance Pads to trigger sounds and phrases in different keys as if you're performing on the keyboard of a musical instrument or synth.
ddj-1000-search-and-skip-modes-tutorial DKm2Hj6RwKw

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - Search and Skip Modes

Intuitively skip and search through tracks to find the beat you want to drop.
ddj-100-adjusting-beat-grids-tutorial 7Zf9w5ulFc0

DDJ-1000 Tutorial - Adjusting beat grids

Find out how to slide the beat grid from left to right without impacting its BPM. You can also easily increase and decrease the tempo using the jog wheel.
ddj-1000-video-prev hqlX5o5oxn0

DDJ-1000 Official introduction

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