• QAs a long-term DJ and DJ School provider, you’ve run plenty of sessions and trainings, what’s different with Start From Scratch?
      AAt On The Rise I do about 30 to 40 workshops a year. Start From Scratch has allowed me to follow through with students and deliver more than just the initial workshop and work with the students longer term to really help realise their potential. It has been a brilliant experience to see them flourish and play at their first event.
    • QGenerally, what are your thoughts around Start From Scratch and how it can continue and grow?
      AFor me, Start From Scratch is essential. To be able to reach out to people who love music and DJ culture, but have not felt like they have had the opportunity to be involved is important. I also think representation is very important… so getting the right tutors involved for the workshops has been key. As an organisation, On The Rise has been working this way since it’s inception… our moto is ‘DJ Lessons for EVERYONE’… but with the help of Pioneer DJ and Start From Scratch, we have managed to take this to the next level. I am excited for what the future holds… we have already created a strong and supportive community of DJ’s in and around West London with the SFS workshops, courses and events and that community is going to grow over the coming months and years with continued support from Start From Scratch.

    Start from Scratch is a great initiative, giving participants access to industry standard DJ equipment and the chance to learn key DJ skills from professionals. The workshop Point Blank hosted in collaboration with Pirate Studios/Pioneer was great as it gave complete beginners the chance to get hands-on with the latest Pioneer kit, and get a real taste of what it takes to be a DJ. Participants learned their way around the equipment, practised beat matching, and had the chance to network and collaborate.

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