When Pioneer DJ asked me to support their new for ’22 Start From Scratch programme in Spain, I was so excited to be involved. Together, we’ve helped local Ibiza kids to follow their DJ dreams, understand this beautiful job and the equipment involved in it - as well as mentoring DJs through our online webinars by explaining how to create a solid path on their career.


    I’m so excited to be back at SFS for another year. It’s so nice to work with people of all abilities - introducing people to the brand-new equipment or pushing those that have basic skills already. Classes are fun, relaxed and a friendly environment and atmosphere where everyone supports each other. I can’t wait to get started again and find the next generation of DJs and Artists.

  • Samantha Togni

    It felt very special to deliver my first DJ workshop with Start From Scratch in Italy, my own country. Mentoring and teaching others is what community means to me, being able to connect to others via DJing, sharing tips and talking about my career in music has been a very unique experience for me.

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