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Turn it up to 11 – DJM-S11 professional 2-channel DJ mixer

The DJM-S11 mixer brings enhancements to various elements from its predecessor, the DJM-S9, and offers a host of new features to help you perform more freely with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox.

Tutorial series

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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 HID Mode Skillz

With HID mode setup on the CDJ-3000 players connected to the DJM-S11, Eskei83 is able to expand his functionality across the full setup without relying on a laptop.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 MIDI Mapping Skillz

Eskei83 reveals how to get fast access to the sub layer features you want through MIDI mapping on the DJM-S11. Every button, pad and lever are MIDI mappable. Here he shows us his mapped customized features and how they work in practice.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 Dual Deck Skillz

Using the dual deck feature Eskei83 moves the sounds from decks 1 & 2 to a single deck for manipulation as a single track whilst freeing up one deck to mix in another track.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 Deck Move Skillz

Learn how to use the DJM-S11 Deck Move feature to expand beyond 2 turntables and creatively add more tracks by moving two mixed tracks to a single deck.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 FX Bank Skillz

Learn how to customize Beat FX and Software FX parameters on the DJM-S11 using included software and save to your chosen 16 pads and 4 banks. Eskei83 reveals his chosen configuration too.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 Fader FX Skillz

Eskei83 demonstrates how to setup Fader FX on the DJM-S11. He gives creative options such as pitch manipulation using the faders and how to manipulate even more with the cue points.
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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S11 Loop Skillz

Learn how to create loops on the DJM-S11 and shorten them to a tone using your turntables to enable creative scratching routines utilising the included Serato DJ Pro.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S11 Smooth Echo and Touch FX

Using Smooth Echo on the DJM-S11, you can easily add echo to the music by operating the fader or pad you’ve chosen. Here, DJ Emii effortlessly triggers Smooth Echo then changes the texture of the sound with Touch FX.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S11 Smooth Echo and Fader Start

By combining Smooth Echo with Fader Start, DJ Emii demonstrates how to repeatedly play a track or sample from a cue point and apply echo simultaneously, simply by moving the crossfader while holding the shift button.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S11 Gate Cue and Sampler

DJ Emii uses Gate Cue to rapidly trigger Hot Cue several times before letting it play while combining it with an increasing amount of echo. On the sampler, she fires one-shots to create rhythmic patterns over the beat.


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Artist series: Z-Trip

Here’s Z-Trip with a fresh performance on the DJM-S11 battle mixer. Watch as he uses new features such as Fader Pitch and Smooth Echo to create unique effects on the fly.
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Artist series: Kayper

Kayper puts the DJM-S11 scratch mixer through its paces in this scintillating performance.
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Artist series: DJ Puffy

The 2016 RedBull3Style Grand Champion from Barbados, DJ Puffy, shows his vibrant and infectious energy on the DJM-S11.
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Artist series: Jon1st

The 2013 DMC World Online Champion from the UK, Jon1st, shows his meticulous attention to detail, varied technique, and a creative use of technology with the DJM-S11 mixer.

Artist walkthrough

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DJM-S11 performance secrets with DJ Puffy, Jon1st, Kayper and Z-Trip

Hear how the new battle mixer has changed the way they perform. “It gives me a third hand,” says Kayper. “I can access everything at my fingertips.”

Remix challenge

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“Say the Word” with Pioneer DJ (10 way DJ Remix)

What happens when you ask a group of 10 incredibly talented battle DJs, across 6 countries, to collaborate remotely using the same track and our DJM-S11 flagship mixer?

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