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4-channel rack mountable DJ mixer


More flexibility, more compatibility, more punch.

The DJM-4000 4-channel mixer boasts several standout innovations that place a premium on DJ dynamism, usability and professional style.

The built-in USB soundcard allows you to connect a laptop without any drop in sound quality. It allows you to play music stored on a computer and directly record your DJ mixes at the same time.

* Only available in Africa, Asia and South America.

Key features

  • Crossover frequencies

    Frequency crossover

    The crossover frequencies of the master and subwoofer output can be adjusted with a single knob, enabling optimum bass balance between the speakers and subwoofers at any venue.

  • MIC inputs


    The MIC inputs, together with some mic effects, give you meticulous control over MCs, party hosts and karaoke singers. Plus the Auto Talkover function automatically reduces the volume of the master output, making it easy to hear what is being said or sung in the microphone.

  • Total control

    Master Zone output

    A dedicated Master/Zone output facility allows one DJ to manage two separate outputs across two different locations.

  • High-fidelity sound

    We’ve achieved a clean, clear sound by reducing the length of the A/D converter circuit, and a 24-bit/48 kHz digital sound processor minimises noise.

  • EQ isolator on each channel

    Use the 3-band EQ isolator to control the high, mid and low frequencies on each channel independently.

  • Customisable crossfader

    Flexibly assign the output from each channel to the crossfader and use curve adjust to choose your preferred crossfader curve pattern.

  • A perfect match

    Combine the MEP-4000 multi-entertainment player with the DJM-4000 MIDI-enabled mixer for an ideal party setup. Together they'll provide crisp and clear sound quality, flexibility and punch.

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