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Elite sound quality

Feel the warmth of natural sound and hear every detail. Studio-quality 64-bit mixing and dithering processing, 32-bit high-quality A/D and D/A converters, a low-jitter clock circuit, and many other components all work to  produce a full low-end, vibrant mids, and precise highs.

ESS Technology 32-bit D/A converter

A 32-bit SABRE 8-channel DAC (ESS Technology’s ES9016S) is used for both the master and booth outputs. The DAC output is driven in parallel to further improve S/N. To maximize the DAC’s capability, we’ve honed the output circuit by improving operation amps and capacitors and performing optimal tuning. This results in a sound that’s low-noise, high-resolution, and easy to listen to – even at high volume.

ESS Technology

32-bit A/D converter by Asahi Kasei Electronics

The analog channel inputs use a 32-bit premium ADC (AK5578EN/AK5574EN) with VELVET SOUND technology by Asahi Kasei Electronics. By redesigning the input differential conversion circuit and optimizing the audio parts used, we’ve created a rich, high-definition and low-distortion sound.

32-bit A/D converter

EM Device mechanical relays

The line/phono input switch, master output, and headphones output circuit use high-performance, highly durable mechanical relays (EA2 relays) from EM Devices Co. They eliminate signal distortion due to the use of non-linear electrical components, completely cancelling unpleasant noise in the mute circuit.

EM Device

AES/EBU output

The master outputs  feature a noise-resistant balanced transmission system and a professional digital audio-standard AES/EBU terminal that’s suitable for long-distance transmission in large venues. This means you can deliver audio to the audience without degrading it.

AES/EBU outputs

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