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16-pad modes

Serato DJ Pro’s 16-pad modes enable you to assign 8 pads each to two different features per deck, such as Hot Cues and Sampler mode. This means you can trigger Hot Cues and samples at the same time, without needing to switch.

Explore the range of Pad modes available in rekordbox dj and Serato DJ Pro. In addition to 16 pads, Serato DJ Pro’s new modes expand the creative possibilities of powerful features such as Pitch Play, which you can now use to trigger cue points in twice as many semitones as before (Pitch Play comes with the Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack – available separately).

Pad mode Serato DJ rekordbox dj
1 Hot Cue mode
Sampler mode
Hot Cue mode
2 Auto Loop mode Pad FX mode
3 Slicer mode
Sampler mode
Beat Jump mode
4 Saved Loop mode
Manual Loop mode
Sampler mode
5 Pitch Play mode Keyboard mode
6 Roll mode Pad FX2 mode
7 Slicer Loop mode
Sampler mode
Beat Loop mode
8 Transport mode
Beatgrid Edit mode
Key Shift mode

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