24 August, 2021

New rekordbox Professional plan has arrived

Upload and manage your entire DJ library to the cloud with unlimited storage for a smart workflow

*Professional plan changed from unlimited capacity to 5TB on December 5, 2023. Click here for the details.

AlphaTheta Corporation has today announced the release of the rekordbox Professional plan from its Pioneer DJ brand, which brings new features and unlimited cloud storage for DJ music libraries thanks to a new partnership with Dropbox.

Now, more than ever, DJs need to know they can rely on their music library as much as they can trust the equipment they play on. It’s possible for a USB drive or laptop to be corrupted or lost, but it can be disastrous if it happens before a gig, event, or when a DJ is out on the road – leaving them with no music to play.

With rekordbox Cloud Unlimited powered by Dropbox, the rekordbox Professional plan is the first-ever DJ software to offer unlimited storage capacity with Dropbox – the world’s leading cloud service. This means you can safely store an unlimited amount of music online – no matter how big your rekordbox library is¹. Every single track can be uploaded to the cloud along with all meta data such as playlists, Hot Cues, and loop and tag information. You’ll only ever need the one Dropbox account, where you can utilize the unlimited storage for your personal and individual business use*1.

Turn on the Collection Auto Upload feature and every file you import to rekordbox is automatically uploaded to the cloud. There’s no need to worry about the remaining cloud storage capacity when you subscribe to the Professional plan. Even if your laptop is damaged or goes missing on the road, you can simply download your whole rekordbox library to a different device.

With the option to sync your rekordbox library on up to 8 devices, you can easily prepare tracks on your smartphone, then add them to the playlists on your laptop and main studio computer whenever you want. And, with Device Library Backup, you can create a database for each device you use so it’s quick and easy to replicate its most recent state on another device if you need to. This comes on top of all the advanced functions included in the Creative plan, such as Edit mode for quick customization of tracks, vocal position detection and display, DVS control, and a host of performance features.

*1 Subject to Dropbox’s Acceptable Use Policy

Product overview

Product Category  :  DJ application
Version Name  :  rekordbox Professional plan
Subscription plan  :  €29.99/month including VAT
€299/year including VAT
(Subscribe to the annual plan and get 12 months for the price of 10)
Release Date  :  August 24, 2021
rekordbox homepage  :  https://rekordbox.com

Key features

rekordbox Cloud Unlimited powered by Dropbox: Safely manage your whole library online

For the first time ever in a DJ application, Dropbox is bringing unlimited cloud storage to the rekordbox Professional plan so you can safely save all your music either as a backup or to free up space on your laptop or storage device. You can use up to 8 different devices to manage all the tracks and data of your entire library in the cloud. So, if your laptop or USB drive breaks down or is lost while you’re travelling, you can easily download all your music to another device in time for your next gig. And with the Dropbox Smart Sync feature, you can see and access every file in your account directly from your PC/Mac, without taking up your hard drive space.

Support for PC/Mac/iOS/Android Collection Auto Upload: Automatically sync tracks to the cloud

If you turn on the Collection Auto Upload feature in rekordbox, any files imported to your library will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, saving you from having to manually select and upload tracks. Everything is backed up online and there’s no need to worry about remaining storage capacity in your Dropbox account when you use the rekordbox Professional plan.

Automatic Device Library Backup: Smoothly recover your library if your USB drive fails

In rekordbox, you can create a device database for each device you use and save the last USB-exported state manually or automatically to your local storage or to the cloud. By backing up the device database, you can easily recover it from rekordbox at any time if the device is corrupted or lost. You can also make a duplicate of a database via another computer using the same rekordbox account.

For rekordbox specifications, visit the official website: rekordbox.com

* Disclaimer: The specifications and design of this product are subject to change without notice.


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