19 October, 2021

Mobile app compatibility with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Thank you for using Pioneer DJ products.
We've finished researching the compatibility of our mobile apps with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.
*Full functionality is not guaranteed with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.
*Visit the Apple website for more information about iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.
*Click here for more information about macOS Monterey compatibility.

Mobile app  Status 
rekordbox for iOS  Verification complete 
DJM-REC  Verification complete  *2 (see notes below) 
RMX-1000 for iPad   Verification complete  *1, 2 (see notes below) 
WeDJ for iPhone  Verification complete 
WeDJ for iPad  Verification complete 
KUVO  Verification complete 

*1 RMX-1000 for iPad
In iPadOS 14 or later iPad version, you'll need to allow RMX-1000 for iPad and Audiobus to access your local network. You can do this in the iPadOS settings.
This is necessary because we identified an issue where you can't use RMX-1000 for iPad from Audiobus if you don't allow access to your local network.
Read more

*2 DJM-REC, RMX-1000 for iPad
Be sure to update your mixer's firmware to the latest version.
To check the firmware version on your mixer, turn the unit on and the version number will show on the BEAT FX display.
For details on how to update firmware, read the information on the relevant Firmware Update page as listed below.

DJM-TOUR1  Firmware  ver. 2.10   Download page
DJM-900NXS2  Firmware  ver. 2.07   Download page
DJM-750MK2  Firmware  ver. 1.05   Download page
DJM-450  Firmware  ver. 1.06   Download page
DJM-V10  Firmware  ver. 1.08   Download page


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