04 April, 2019

‘Under a Strobe Lit Sky’ | Documentary

Join us as we explore the changing music festival scene in our documentary, ‘Under a Strobe Lit Sky.’ Watch musicians, DJs, and organisers discuss what festivals and artists need to thrive.

Enormous crowds from around the world, massive productions, huge budgets, hundreds – if not thousands – of artists on the bill. Today’s music festivals are unrecognisable from their primitive origins.

More than a thousand take place in Britain alone every year and roughly 3.5 million people attend the diverse experiences on offer in the UK. The modestly sized city of Amsterdam hosted over 150 festivals in the summer of 2018, but has the scene become tired and predictable?

What qualities do festivals need to be sustainable? Should they simply offer music, or all-encompassing, multisensory entertainment? How does a festival atmosphere differ from that of a club, and how should artists adapt their performances? Can a successful festival brand grow rapidly without losing its character?

With the help of experts including Michael and Emily Eavis (Glastonbury Festival), Piers Aggett & Amir Amor (Rudimental), Juan Arnau (elrow), Eats Everything, Nervo, and more, our 30-minute documentary ‘Under a Strobe Lit Sky’ searches for answers.

Watch the full film above and discover more electronic -music documentaries, including ‘Why We DJ ’ – Slaves to the Rhythm,’ at DJsounds.com.


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