20 March, 2019

DDJ-400 DJ Controller Mixing Technique Tutorials

Learn how to use the DDJ-400 2-channel controller for DJ mixing with these quick tutorial videos. DJ Ravine introduces you to FX, transitions, looping, drop mixing and drop swapping.

These clips were made with the help of Point Blank Music School.

Mixing with FX

Find out how to add texture to mixes and make smooth transitions using FX. DJ Ravine runs through the basics using the DDJ-400’s Reverb effect to make two tracks sound like one.

How to drop mix

Learn to transition from one track to another instantly using the crossfader. Set the cue point (at the first beat of a bar) and then slide the crossfader to the other side.

How to drop swap

A staple of trap and dubstep music, drop swapping involves playing the build-up of two songs simultaneously and then quickly swapping them before the drop. Set the cue point with the jog wheel and use the fader to blend your tunes seamlessly.

Long mix with loop

Make your mixes unique and extend parts of each track with looping. DJ Ravine shows you how to set the loop on a down beat and uses EQs to control the highs, mids and lows independently.

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