19 July, 2018

DDJ-XP1 performance video with Aociz (9 O'clock)

Aociz from scratch supergroup 9 O'clock brings the noise with an explosive routine. Adding energetic cuts with the DJM-S9 mixer and PLX-1000 turntable, he further remixes their track 'Balbul' using the DDJ-XP1.

Watch Aociz perform a high-energy routine full of technical wizardry. Creating a live remix of 9 O'clock's track 'Balbul', the turntablist adds energetic cuts on his DJM-S9 battle mixer and PLX-1000 turntable, and drums out hot cues and samples on the DDJ-XP1 controller. Following his teammate Mr Viktor's recent performance, Aociz shows us why 9 O'clock were crowned DMC World Team Champions 3 years in a row.


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