12 October, 2017

Pioneer DJ co-develops network system with TC Supply, enhancing DJ performances with coordinated lighting and visual effects

Our flagship products – the CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, DJM-TOUR1, and DJM-900NXS2 – are used by DJs at festivals and events around the world, often in conjunction with visual effects such as lighting, video displays and pyrotechnics.

To bring DJ performances alive with visual effects, we’ve collaborated with TC Supply – a company with extensive expertise in using visual control equipment at music events – to co-develop a network system that uses rekordboxTM1 information to coordinate sound and visuals.

The new network system will enable DJs, event producers, lighting designers, LJs2, video creators, and VJs3 to make the synergy of sound and visuals more effective, enhancing the overall quality of performances and creating a more engaging show for audiences. For example, the timing of lights, lasers and videos can be matched with particular sounds from a DJ’s performance. The brightness, colours, and directions that lights point can be synchronised with the beat, and smoke and pyrotechnics can be triggered precisely when the music hits a peak.

We plan to further extend the use of rekordbox information to help enhance the cohesion of visual effects and DJ performances to create more impactful shows for audiences. Using our products with a system that allows the use of rekordbox information will enable more immersive experiences not only at music festivals and events now, but also at clubs and other kinds of shows in the future4.

We’ll start licensing the use of rekordbox information to partner companies for use with show control software over PRO DJ LINK in spring 2018. TC Supply’s ShowKontrol will be the first official software available. To use the CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, DJM-TOUR1, and DJM-900NXS2 with ShowKontrol, you’ll need to update the firmware of these models to the latest version.

About TC Supply

TC Supply is a branch of Event Imagineering Group focused on bringing creative solutions to creative people. ShowKontrol is the 2nd generation of TC Supply’s DJ/Club software solution for bringing feedback and/or synchronisation methods to creative professionals. The software was co-developed with Pioneer DJ.

Founded in 2004, Event Imagineering Group is an entertainment technology company specialised in creating powerful tools and applications for real-time synchronisation of show elements including video, lights, lasers and pyrotechnics. The company is currently led by its founder David Moor and his business partner Koen De Puysseleir and its products are used by DJs, venues, festivals and theme parks around the world.



For more information about TC Supply and ShowKontrol, please contact Event Imagineering Group Communication Department: contact@eiglive.com

1 rekordbox is Pioneer DJ’s free music management software. It supports every aspect of DJing for a creative, hassle-free experience: from music management and set preparation to performance reviews. rekordbox analyses tracks to obtain elements such as waveforms, BPM, and the location of bars and beats. When Pioneer DJ equipment is connected via PRO DJ LINK, rekordbox shares information about track elements among CDJs and DJMs over the network.

2 & 3 LJs (lighting jockeys) are artists who perform with lighting effects. VJs (visual jockeys) are artists who perform with visual effects. At many music festivals and events, DJs, LJs, and VJs collaborate as a team, performing together to enhance the show.

4 Pioneer DJ will extend the PRO DJ LINK network system to enable show control software to read information from Pioneer DJ equipment. TC Supply will develop show control software to use the information from PRO DJ LINK to communicate with visual effects equipment. TC Supply’s show control software, ShowKontrol, will be the first official software enabled to read rekordbox information. To use the CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, DJM-TOUR, and DJM-900NXS2 with ShowKontrol, update the firmware of these models to the latest version.


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