01 April, 2016

The dual 18-inch, fully horn-loaded XY-218HS with extremely high SPL – ideal for large venues and outdoor events

The Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series is getting a powerful addition with the launch of the XY-218HS dual 18-inch, fully horn-loaded subwoofer – designed to deliver ultra-low frequencies at the high sound pressure level (SPL) needed for large venues and outdoor events.

Our most powerful subwoofer yet, the XY-218HS has a coiled horn to magnify the sound from its two high performance 18-inch LF drivers and produces a rapid bass response that throws long distances without loss of SPL. Its robust multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure is reinforced with rigged support braces to reduce resonance and distortion, and provide a robust exterior to withstand life on the road.

We’ve designed the XY-218HS to work in harmony with the XY-122 and XY-152 two-way speakers to create a balanced sound. Plus we’ll be adding an extremely powerful new full-range speaker to the XY Series soon.

The XY-218HS is available from July 2016. Find out more about the versatile XY Series including the fully horn-loaded XY-218HS


  1. Fully horn-loaded to deliver a high SPL over long distances
    We’ve given the XY-218HS a precisely calculated horn, enclosed in two separate folded chambers, to magnify the sound from the drivers and deliver the intense, high SPL needed for large venues and outdoor events.
  2. Dual high performance 18-inch LF drivers for clean, powerful ultra-low frequencies
    The two 18-inch LF drivers feature 4-inch voice coils with high heat dissipation to allow the subwoofer to produce a continuously high SPL over a long time.
  3. Rigid construction reduces resonance
    The subwoofer is housed in a robust enclosure made from premium multi-laminate birch plywood, and reinforced with rigged support braces to prevent unnecessary resonance and withstand life on tour.
  4. Easy to transport and carry
    We’ve given the subwoofer handles on all sides of the enclosure to make loading in and out of trucks that little bit easier. Castors are sold separately.


Preliminary data

Type Twin 18-inch fully horn-loaded subwoofer
Enclosure 18 mm (0.7-inch) birch plywood
Woofer 18-inch LF drivers x 2
Frequency Response 33 ~ 150 Hz
Sensitivity 108 dB (half space)
Power Handling 1400 W RMS, 2800 W Program
Maximum SPL 139 dB cont. 145 dB peak (half space)
Input port Neutrik SpeakON NL4 x 2
Impedance 4 Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1300 x 550 x 890 mm
Weight 125 kg


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