04 October, 2016

Take control of your DDJ-RB with these tutorial videos

Uncover new tips and tricks with these DDJ-RB tutorial videos

DDJ-RB Tutorials

DDJ-RB Tutorial 1 - Setting up and importing your music

We take you through the DDJ-RB set up process with step by step instructions on everything from installing rekordbox and activating your rekordbox dj Plus Pack to importing your music library and connecting the unit to your laptop.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 2 - Unit Overview

Find out how to browse your library and load a track directly from the hardware, as well as get an overview of the DDJ-RB's performance mixer and deck sections.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 3 - Looping

Find out how to trigger an automatic 4 beat loop or manually set the length of the loop using the IN and OUT buttons on the DDJ-RB

DDJ-RB Tutorial 4 - Hot Cues

Find out how to set and trigger Hot Cues on the DDJ-RB allowing you to jump to different parts of a track with ease.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 5 - FX

Learn how to activate and control rekordbox dj's quantized Beat FX directly from the DDJ-RB.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 6 - Slicer

Learn how to use the Slicer feature to rework a tracks structure into something completely unique.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 7 - Pad FX

The Pad FX feature allows you to trigger rekordbox dj's quantized Beat FX and Sound Colour FX from the performance pads. Use the pads to create unique FX chains, and customise them in rekordbox dj.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 8 - Sampler

Learn how to use the DDJ-RB's performance pads to trigger one shots and loops from rekordbox dj's Sampler. Create sample sequences and then play them back using the Sequence Call feature.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 9 - Beat Jump

Use the Beat Jump feature on the DDJ-RB to skip forwards and backwards seamlessly through a track . Whilst in Loop Mode, the Beat Jump feature moves the loop forwards or backwards in the same way.

DDJ-RB Tutorial 10 - Firmware Update Procedure

Occasionally we release firmware updates to improve the operability of the DDJ-RB. This tutorial will guide you through the simple process of downloading and installing firmware.

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