DDJ-200 &
WeDJ Tutorials

Develop your DJ skills

Find out how to set up the controller and software, play tracks,
and express yourself by putting your own spin on the music.
Become a master of the DDJ-200 and WeDJ with this tutorial series.


Set everything up and start playing tracks.


Get to grips with the basics of DJing.

  • level1_0

    Using Streaming Services


    Connect to platforms such as Beatport Link and SoundCloud Go+ to choose from millions of tracks available online, then drop them into your mix.

  • level1_1

    Using CFX and Transition FX


    Easily perform professional-sounding mixes in various styles with the help of Transition FX and add texture to your sound with CFX.

  • level1_2

    Using Automix


    Activate the Automix feature in WeDJ and the software will seamlessly mix in the next track automatically before the end of the one you’re playing.

  • level1_3

    Record and Share Your Mix


    Capture your performance and upload it to SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and other platforms, then share it with friends – and the world.

  • level1_3

    Beatmatching Tracks


    Sync the BPM of your next track with the one that’s playing and mix smoothly from one to the other.

  • level1_3

    Cueing Techniques


    Set markers at key points in your tracks to make your mixes more precise, creative, and impactful.


Create your signature sound and express your creativity.

Stream. Create. Experience.

Be the life of the party with our new, easy-to-use DDJ-200 smart DJ controller.
Start DJing with our easy-to-use DDJ-200 smart DJ controller.

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