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Digital CD deck


The Pioneer CDJ-1000 digital deck is still taking the DJ industry by storm. With the incredible feel and performance of vinyl at their fingertips, professional DJs insist on using this world-famous unit to play out in the coolest clubs around the globe.

Working as closely as ever with these star performers, Pioneer continues to change the face of DJing with the launch of the intuitive CDJ-1000MK2. With the same design and layout as the CDJ-1000, the sleek and polished looks of the MK2 are made unique by the addition of a subtle silver rim on the Jog Dial - the centre of Pioneer's groundbreaking vinyl emulation technology. And now it's been fine-tuned to increase sensitivity, creativity and control for DJs, so that cueing, scratching and stretching a track in Vinyl or CDJ mode feels smoother and easier than ever. And recognising the importance of manual Pitch bending, Pioneer has made even finer adjustments to the unit's tempo control function to make it more accurate than ever before.

The CDJ-1000MK2 will always stand out from the crowd and its world-beating features include:

  • Fine-tuned Jog Dial - for improved sensitivity, creativity and control
  • 100% "Wide" Pitch Control - allows beat matching of any track and creates new sound effects
  • Hot Cue - new instant memory for playback of up to 3 cue points per CD
  • Extra Bright Display - see track info more clearly and use key features more quickly
  • Full Feature Digital Out - now all sound control features can be connected to a digital environment
  • Free Removable Multimedia Card - for storing cues, loops, wave data, etc

All this, plus existing unique features, such as Quick Scratch, Loop In/Out Adjust makes Pioneer's CDJ-1000MK2 the world's No.1 digital deck.

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