15” 2-way active loudspeaker

Versatile XPRSion

The XPRS2 Series couples the versatility and mobility of the original XPRS Series with elevated sound-performance and audio intelligibility to deliver a high-caliber speaker system for mobile DJs, live sound, houses of worship, rental and fixed installations.

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Powerful Class D Amplification

The XPRS2 Series employs Class D Amplification with high output wattage for a powerful and premiere audio experience for performers and listeners alike. The XPRS82 and XPRS152 full-range speakers feature Class D 2000 W amplification, while the XPRS1152ST and XPRS1182ST subwoofers offer Class D 4000 W amplification.

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High Quality, Robust Build

Pioneer DJ’s all-new XPRS2 Series features a sleek all-black, protective plywood cabinet for performance in harsh outdoor and indoor environments. The series models all come with a durable handle to support system portability and handling during setup and take down. The XPRS2 Series also features rubber feet to create separation and shock absorption between surfaces.

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Four DSP Modes

Both of the XPRS2 full-range speakers contain four different DSP preset modes—Live, Music, Speech and Studio Monitoring—to address the needs of different listening environments.

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16 Customizable User DSP Modes

In addition to the four presets, each XPRS2 full-range speaker includes 16 custom user DSP modes - which can be saved with different names - to ensure the EQ settings are maximized for every scenario.

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Full-Range Speaker Design

The larger of the new full-range speakers, the XPRS152, features a 15” woofer and 3” voice coil with a 1” exit compression driver and 1.75” voice coil for superb sound coverage across mid to large venues. With a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 kHz and a maximum SPL of 133 dB, the XPRS152 is ideal for live DJ sets, concerts, and applications in difficult audio environments, such as venues with poor acoustics.

XPRS2 Series

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