January 10, 2023

New prices announcement – rekordbox subscription plans

Thank you for using rekordbox, or taking an interest in our DJ platform.

We’re implementing a price revision on January 23, 2023 to all rekordbox subscription plans.

The new prices will apply to customers who sign up or change subscription plans after the price revision takes effect. Existing rekordbox subscribers will continue to be billed at the price they currently pay unless they cancel or change their subscription.

We’ll continue to release new features and improved version upgrades to provide additional value in rekordbox.

New prices after January 23, 2023 – example:

(The effect is the same for yearly and monthly plans)

New price list:

The updated prices will apply to customers who take out a new subscription plan or change a subscription plan after the price revision on January 23, 2023.
Existing rekordbox subscribers will continue paying their current price unless they cancel or change their subscription.

Plan name yearly subscription MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION
Professional 360 USD
30 USD/month
36 USD
Creative 180 USD
15 USD/month
18 USD
Core 120 USD
10 USD/month
12 USD

*Applicable currency depends on your region and country.

For inquiries, visit:

Thank you from the rekordbox team


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