October 03, 2019

TORAIZ SP-16 Firmware Update ver. 1.60

Develop your most personalized sound yet, with the latest update for the TORAIZ SP-16. We’ve added the FX2 module function and improved the way you connect to other hardware in our newly released firmware – ver. 1.60.

tsp-16 firmware update ver160

Create unique sounds by editing and processing samples on the fly with the new FX2 module. Plus, you can now sync the MIDI clock between the TORAIZ SP-16 and your DAW, so the sampler will seamlessly fit into any studio setup.

Set the same MIDI channel for multiple tracks on the TORAIZ SP-16 and easily play deep sounds layered on multiple tracks with external MIDI input.

  • NEW
    • Now able to use second FX module (FX2) on SAMPLE tracks and THRU tracks.
    • MIDI messages received from the USB-B terminal can now be sent out via the MIDI OUT/THRU terminal.
    • MIDI messages received from the MIDI IN terminal can now be sent out via the USB-B terminal.
    • Multiple tracks can now be assigned to the same MIDI channel using the MIDI IN channel settings.
    • MIDI-related sync and performance settings.
    • Now able to use an underscore on the software keyboard
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