March 25, 2019

Learn how to DJ online

Want to learn to DJ at your own pace? These online DJ courses and free tutorials will help. We suggest high-quality mixing classes, break down our rekordbox Tutorial feature and more.

If you’re just starting out on the decks, an online DJ course could be a cheap, effective, time-saving way to develop your skills. But with so many options available it’s hard to know which tutor or school will be right for your needs. And with so many different avenues to becoming a DJ, there’s no universal starting point.

Do you need to develop your understanding of music theory? Which schools will teach you how to beatmatch? Where can you learn to DJ with vinyl? Should you buy equipment to begin learning and if so, which model of performance hardware is best for new DJs?

To point you in the right direction, here are a few of the online programmes available.

Learn how to DJ for free

Everybody knows that YouTube has an abundance of tutorials – some are good, some aren’t. If you’re practicing on our gear, you can find a range of instructional playlists on our YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you about our rekordbox dj software, as well as our entry-level and professional equipment.

You can also learn from high-quality content creators on YouTube. Take a look at DJcity’s channel for great how-tos by Mojaxx and DJ TLM, and be sure to check out ellaskins and Carlo Atendido. They’ve all built a backlog of videos that can help you with everything from basic music theory to tips and tricks that will enhance even an advanced DJ’s arsenal.

And when you have questions, you’ll find plenty of communities and forums, including our own, ready to give you more information.

Learn to DJ on your phone

Begin to mix and get comfortable with the layout of DJ gear and software via your smartphone.


Our WeDJ app mimics some of the traits of our hardware, featuring a 2-channel user interface with waveforms, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders, a crossfader, and jog wheels. Not only will you begin mixing, but you can also make your tracks unique by applying Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX and Combo FX. Download it to get a feel for blending beats before you take the next step.

rekordbox dj Tutorial feature


When you’re ready to pick up your first kit, our DDJ-400 2-channel DJ controller is made for the job. It comes with a dedicated rekordbox dj Tutorial feature to help you begin mixing straight out of the box. The software will walk you through the hardware set-up, explain what each function does and show you how to mix a couple of tracks together. From there, you can develop your skills with our dedicated DDJ-400 mixing tutorials. Check them out.

Virtual DJ schools

If you don’t think that free courses will give you the confidence to take your performances from the bedroom to the club, look for a DJ academy. From Udemy to DigitalDJTips, there are plenty of in-depth DJ programmes around. Here are two highlights.

  • Crossfader

    When you sign up to one of Crossfader’s courses, you’ll join their online DJ community and be able to speak directly to your tutor via email. Along with that, you’ll have unlimited access to their range of video tutorials. All of the clips are filmed from above which makes it easy to follow along. They’ll teach you everything from beatmatching to scratching, and you’ll learn how to master our rekordbox music management software. Their goal is to make you confident enough to play at parties and clubs by the end of your lessons.

  • Point Blank Music School

    Voted ‘Best Music Production School’ by the readers of DJ Mag, Point Blank have classes designed to help both intermediate and beginner DJs mix and create music. With their help, you can develop punchy, professional-sounding mixes and piece together tunes from scratch. You’ll learn from expert instructors and receive access to a community of fellow DJs and producers to start building your global DJ network. Offering a wide range of courses, they aim to guide you to the electronic music career of your choice.


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