30 September, 2022

AlphaTheta Corporation acquires 25% stake in DJ Monitor

The two companies will share technology and work together to strive for fair distribution of royalties to electronic music creators.

AlphaTheta Corporation today announces its purchase of a 25% stake in DJ Monitor, a global market leader in electronic music usage reporting. AlphaTheta manufactures and sells products from Pioneer DJ and its associated brands, including KUVO, a service which launched in 2014 which aimed to assist with the fairer distribution of royalties to electronic music creators and rightsholders around the world. As KUVO has evolved, AlphaTheta has sought new ways to enable the industry to improve royalty distribution, and the investment in DJ Monitor shows a commitment to supporting this cause.

Through this strategic investment and partnership, the two companies will create new synergies, technological innovations, and efficiencies to better serve the electronic music ecosystem. Speaking about the partnership, AlphaTheta President and CEO, Yoshinori Kataoka, said, “Music creators are at the core of the electronic music community, so it’s absolutely vital that they get paid when their music is played publicly. Fair royalty distribution enables artists to keep making music that DJs want to play and audiences want to hear.”

“At AlphaTheta Corporation, we’re passionate about using our technical expertise and global reach to support music creators. It’s a natural fit for us to partner with DJ Monitor, a company that shares our vision and determination to ensure artists are paid fairly. We look forward to working closely with them on the development of KUVO, among other exciting projects.”

The central purpose of the partnership between AlphaTheta and DJ Monitor is to collect and enhance the data from music played on Pioneer DJ hardware. Insights can then be shared with selected industry partners to enable more accurate payments of royalties to the music creators, and to allow clubs to understand more about the music played at their venues. Since its inception in 2005, DJ Monitor has been a leader in this field, providing a host of services to venues and events that see the value in professional music reporting.

Yuri Dokter, CEO and Founder of DJ Monitor said, “Having pioneered club and event monitoring through music recognition technology since 2005, DJ Monitor has become the de facto standard for collective management organisations around the world, pushing transparency by providing auditable data. With club music embedded in our DNA, our partnership with AlphaTheta will create the most credible and robust system to maximise electronic music creator incomes.”

About DJ Monitor

DJ Monitor is a global market leader in monitoring electronic music. Since 2005, they’ve developed tech-driven end-to-end services that enhance accurate music usage reporting and improved royalties for artists. Their services cover music festivals, nightclubs, venues, broadcasts, and online streaming events. Since 2020, DJ Monitor has also facilitated the live streaming of physical events, integrating online and offline experiences and offering services that cover monitoring, online transactions, and international licensing.

Find out more at www.djmonitor.com


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