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Professional in-ear monitor headphones (white)



Maximum versatility for DJs on the road

The DJE-2000 in-ear headphones give you a professional option for monitoring and preparing sets on your smartphone or tablet. The headphones boast a powerful sound across the frequencies, superior noise dampening, and secure over-ear position for maximum comfort – so you can audition tracks on the move and hear every detail.

Key features:
  • The DJE-2000s are equipped with a hybrid 2-way driver system, which comprises a dynamic driver with a large 9.4 mm aperture and rare earth magnets for deep, rich bass notes, and an armature driver for clear balanced sound across all frequencies.
  • The over-ear structure is crafted from shape-memory resin to give you a comfortable fit even over long periods.
  • Polyurethane earbud tips come in 3 sizes to you can achieve a snug fit and superb noise cancellation in any environment. Silicone earbud tips and triple flange earbud tips are also provided.
  • The robust, thick cables are clad in a braided textile material to prevent tangling, and can be detached and replaced if necessary. Plus a durable carry case helps prolong their life.

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