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DJM-2000NXS: actualizări software și firmware

06 februarie, 2024

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Firmware Update

  • DJM-2000NXS firmware Mac
  • Versiune
  • Ultima actualizare
  • Descriere

    This firmware is a system software program for your DJ MIXER.
    Please update the firmware to the latest version to enhance the product's performance.

    Please read Firmware Update Guide to check the firmware version of your DJ MIXER and how to update the firmware. 

    Ver.3.21 Update
    • Unable to record audio when using macOS10.13.2.

    Notice to users of Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    Apple has tightened its security in OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and later. This is why you may see an alert dialogue when you install driver software or firmware downloaded from Pioneer Support Website or run an uninstaller. The alert dialogue says “[File name] can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed“. Please follow the steps below to open the file and install or uninstall it.

    1. Open [Finder].
    2. Click the downloaded file or right-click (or control-click) it and select [Open] from the displayed menu.
    3. Select [Open] in the displayed dialogue.
    4. Follow the instruction in the dialogue to complete the installation.


  • DJM-2000NXS Audio driver for macOS Sonoma
  • Versiune
  • Ultima actualizare
  • Descriere

    AUDIO DRIVER for macOS

    This driver will allow you to connect your DJM to a computer.
    Please read the Manual for the installation procedure.

    Please see Supported OS version.

    Unzip the downloaded file "DJM-2000_M_***". This file will appear: DJM-2000_M_***.dmg

    ver. 4.0.1 Update
    • Improved stability and other minor bugs have been fixed.

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