31 octombrie, 2018

Mixes of the Month - October | Pioneer DJ Radio

Refresh your rotation with inspiration from some of the stand-out shows on Pioneer DJ Radio this month.


The most played session on Pioneer DJ Radio in October, the 8th episode of Kered's Loot Radio is characteristically genre-blending. Clear some space because this mix will make you want to move.

Luke Chable featuring Little Furries

If you're into progressive house, producer Luke Chable's Underground Sounds of Australia - Electric Garden show is a must-hear. In this edition, Luke and guest DJ Little Furries lay down an innovative mix of melodic house and techno sounds.


Feel your heartbeat sync to Java's deep bass right off the bat. The DJ's guest set on the Underground Sounds of Japan - East To West show is moody and mesmerising.

Mark Farina

Mark Farina prides himself on delivering obscure mixes that might otherwise go unnoticed. This dance-inducing mix by the DJ and music producer is no exception.


Hear why Jhonsson's caught the eyes and ears of some of the dance music industry's most respected labels with this dance-floor-filling session for Underground Sounds of UK.


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