04 octombrie, 2016

rekordbox update Ver. 4.2.3

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes as below:

macOS Sierra support.


  • New
    • Compatible device added:
    • New MIDI LEARN added: Open/close of MIXER, REC and VIDEO panels.
  • Improved
    • Mac: An HDD/SSD connected over Thunderbolt or Firewire is shown in Explorer in Tree View.
    • Mac: The second partition of an HDD/SSD is shown in Explorer in Tree View.
    • Search filter: Letters can be inputted in the Search field after clicking the [x] button.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for toggling the layout (Decks and Browse screen).
  • Fixed
    • MIDI LEARN: The name of a function which already had a control was not indicated.
    • CFX user configuration was not saved.
    • Setting was not saved on the sampler deck EDIT screen.
    • FX single/multi mode was not saved.
    • Artwork disappeared on iTunes when setting My Tag on rekordbox.
    • A freeze sometimes occurred when browsing in the Explorer.
    • Crashed when switching to EXPORT mode when using OSC sampler.
    • BPM became zero (0) when a track was imported from rekordbox XML.
    • Windows (some versions only): MASTER output failed even when PC MASTER OUT was ON.
    • Pro DJ Link: (Windows 64-bit version only) Tracks were sometimes unable to be loaded on CDJ/XDJ.
    • DDJ-RZX: FX name did not change on the GUI of the DDJ-RZX when FX was changed on PAD FX1/2.
    • XDJ-RX: Connections periodically failed in some cases.
    • Pulselocker: Fixed to prevent error message from appearing when network connection was cut out.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

Download rekordbox here.


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