08 septembrie, 2016

rekordbox update Ver. 4.2.2

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes as below:


  • Update
    • Pulselocker support
    • Compatible device added:
      • DDJ-WeGO4
    • XDJ-1000MK2 HID control
    • TRACK number now appears on the CDJ / XDJ display when using HID control
    • Auto Beat Loop can be controlled from the DDJ-RB GUI.
  • Fixed
    • When a US keyboard is connected, keyboard shortcuts [SHIFT+number key] worked incorrectly.
    • Pre-fader CFXs were unable to be heard in the HeadPhone Cue.
    • An analyzed key was not shown on a deck even when a loaded track was key-analyzed on a deck and the mode was switched between PERFORMANCE and EXPORT mode.
    • BEAT GRID button was grayed out.
    • rekordbox crashed with the ÅhUnexpected application errorÅh message when switching from EXPORT mode to PERFORMANCE mode.
    • Zoom rate of waveforms shown on the right and left decks did not match.
    • ÅhAdd To Tag ListÅh in the drop-down menu was not shown when right-clicking on a track list.
    • The panel size, playlist palette and shortcuts settings and playlist folder status were not saved.
    • When creating and editing a playlist in a folder of the tree view, the folder was not expanded and the playlist collapsed.
    • Pulselocker: Network error repeatedly appeared while offline.
    • Pulselocker: Error message appeared when starting offline and then connecting to the internet.
    • When connecting a 2-ch mixer or controller, the DVS audio routing window did not appear.
    • DDJ-RZX: Crashed during playback in DVS mode or USB connection disconnected after no response.
    • DDJ-RZX: When the TOUCH FX [HOLD] and [OFF] buttons were selected, sound changed when turning the COLOR knob even when CFX was not selected.
    • DDJ-RZX: FX was canceled when moving a fingertip outside of the VIDEO screen during TOUCH FX.
    • DDJ-RZX: when some types of CFX were selected and the Sampler Repeat screen was touched, the selected CFX changed.
    • DDJ-RZX + Windows: Track selection did not move to the next in tandem with the movement of the browse knob when the rekordbox screen was minimized.
    • DJM-900NXS+Windows: ÅgNo Audio DeviceÅh appeared when changing settings at Setting Utility and closed it.
    • DJM-T1: REC panel channel failure.
    • rekordbox video+Windows: When using multiple displays and using the full screen mode on one of them, the window is minimized when outside of rekordbox was clicked.
    • Windows: Full screen freezed or partly disappeared.
    • Windows: Some track information displayed incorrectly in Hebrew.
    • Windows 64-bit version: Sequence Load was unavailable.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.
    • DDJ-RZX and Mac (El Capitan only): Delayed response when using Sound Color FX.


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