26 februarie, 2016

rekordbox dj: the Tour 2016

When rekordbox dj launched in September 2015, we decided to take it to the streets with a mission to share and educate the DJ community on the new Pioneer DJ performance software.

Hosting free training sessions in various cities and locations throughout Europe, the attendance, response and interaction was incredible.

The tour took in 14 countries, 93 training sessions and attracted 2227 attendees; and it was fun!

Here's a taster of where we travelled and in this instance, it’s definitely a case of what happened on tour doesn't stay on tour…

For more information on rekordbox dj be sure to head to rekordbox.com for all the information you need.

Music used

Monty Luke 'Turnt Out' (FX Mix) FINA Records
Taron Trekka 'Alelle Fu' FINA Records
Borrowed Identity - 'You're Mine' FINA Records


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