28 ianuarie, 2016

Hear The Drummer Get Wicked

With Pad and Cue Point drumming skills becoming more important to DJs and producers, we’ve teamed up with Melodics; a training app for your hardware that advances you quickly.

Think of Melodics as a cross between a game and audio production software. It adapts to your skill level and music tastes whilst providing instant visual feedback as you work through the lessons and build that all important muscle memory.

If you’re a DDJ user or just got hold of the new DJM-S9, this is an essential tool for amazing performances.

Here are the compatible models:

  • DDJ-SB
  • DDJ-SB2
  • DDJ-SR
  • DDJ-SX2
  • DDJ-SZ
  • DDJ-SP1
  • DDJ-RX
  • DJM-S9

To get started for free, visit www.melodics.com/pioneerdj


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