14 ianuarie, 2016

Replacement parts give our professional headphones a new lease of life

Now you can extend the life of your Pioneer DJ and studio monitor headphones, as we launch a range of replacement parts for the HDJ-2000MK2s, HDJ-C70s and HRM-7s.

You can replace your worn out ear pads and damaged cables – and even the headband on the HDJ-C70s – and continue enjoying total comfort and excellent sound quality without the expense of buying a new pair of headphones.

We're also releasing leather ear pads for the HRM-7 studio monitors, in addition to the velour ear pads that come bundled with the headphones. The new leather ear pads deliver enhanced sound isolation that's perfect for recording, while the velour pads provide extra comfort for long studio sessions.

The replacement parts are available from mid-January 2016. Plus replacement velour ear pads for the HRM-7 studio monitors will be available from May 2016.

Replacement parts at a glance


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