26 septembrie, 2016

Get more from your WeDJ and DDJ-WeGO4 with these tutorial videos.

Browse the new tutorials for the DDJ-WeGO4 controller and WeDJ iPad DJ app and you'll be mixing like a pro in no time.

WeDJ Tutorials

WeDJ Tutorial 01 - LAYOUT

Basic overview of the WeDJ interface.

WeDJ Tutorial 02 - Performance Panel

Basic overview of the Performance Panel interface.

WeDJ Tutorial 03 - LOOP

Learn how to set and adjust loops on WeDJ

WeDJ Tutorial 04 - HOT CUE

Learn how to set and trigger Hot Cues on WeDJ

WeDJ Tutorial 05 - MIXER

Learn how use WeDJ's mixer to adjust the volume of low, mids and high frequency's.

WeDJ Tutorial 06 - PAD FX

Apply FX to your mix with the touch of a button.

WeDJ Tutorial 07 - COMBO FX

Blend two FX with Combo FX on WeDJ

WeDJ Tutorial 08 - SAMPLER

Use WeDJ's sampler to add a range of sounds to your mix.

WeDJ Tutorial 09 - BROWSE

Basic overview of browsing features within WeDJ

WeDJ Tutorial 10 - SLIP

With Slip on, playback continues in the background even when performing a loop or scratch.

WeDJ Tutorial 11 - MIX

Learn how to perform a basic mix with WeDJ.

WeDJ Tutorial 12 - TEMPO

Control the tempo of each track within WeDJ using the sliders.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorials

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 13 - Setup Procedure

Find out how to connect your DDJ-WeGO4 to powered speakers, headphones and WeDJ.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 14 - BROWSE

A basic overview of browsing directly from the DDJ-WeGO4.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 15 - SCRATCH

See how to perform a scratch with the DDJ-WeGO4 and WeDJ.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 16 - LOOP

Set and adjust loops with the dedicated hardware buttons on the DDJ-WeGO4.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 17 - PAD FX

Add PAD FX to your mix using the dedicated buttons on the DDJ-WeGO4.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 18 - EQ FILTER

Switch between 2 band EQ + Filter mode, or 3 band EQ mode.

WeDJ + DDJ-WeGO4 Tutorial 19 - SAMPLER

Add sample sounds to your mix using the performance buttons found on the DDJ-WeGO4.


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