17 decembrie, 2015

rekordbox update Ver. 4.0.5


  • New
    • rekordbox dj - Plus Pack monthly payment Subscription Service
    • Audio setting pop-up window when CDJ connects
    • PITCH in BEAT FX
    • XDJ-RX PITCH in FX
    • THRU crossfader curve setting for the XDJ-RX/AERO

  • Fixed
    • Audio settings did not change in EXPORT mode while DJM or certain audio interface connected
    • Hum occurred when scratching using TEMPO slider with MASTER TEMPO engaged
    • Menu window disappeared when clicking drop-down menus in INFO tab in INFO window
    • Reading/writing of tag information did not work properly on certain AIFF files
    • Crashed when playback started before the start point of a track
    • Crashed when editing artwork in INFO window
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues

Visit rekordbox.com for more details


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