04 august, 2015

rekordbox update Ver. 3.3.0

  • Added a function to export My Tag and Matching information to rekordbox (iOS) and perform the “Update Collection” option to reflect the information from rekordbox (iOS)
    (This function is available with v.2.0.0 of rekordbox (iOS). It's not available with rekordbox (Android))
  • Fixed an issue of not always loading a track, even if a track is selected and the Return key is pressed
  • Fixed an issue where rekordbox does not restore from being minimised to Dock on Mac
  • Fixed an issue where it takes time to show track information when many genres are stored in rekordbox
  • Fixed an issue where the speed of waveforms in the 2 Player mode are not always synced

Visit rekordbox.com for more details


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