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05 września, 2018

rekordbox update ver. 5.4.0

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes

  • New
    • Compatible device added: XDJ-RR.
    • Traffic Light feature to highlight keys in the browse area that will mix harmonically with the loaded track.
    • Library Protection feature which restricts the editing of tracks and playlists.
  • Improved
    • Added a function to set a HOT CUE LOOP as an active loop (PERFORMANCE mode only).
    • Added an option to delete a track from a tag list when the track is loaded.
    • Added an option to delete all tracks in a tag list when the application quits.
    • Added an option to reset coloring for played tracks.
    • Search filter is boxed in blue when it’s active.
    • Grid can be adjusted without drifting the “1.1Bars” position.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for “Undo track load”, “Locate track loaded on deck” and “DVS - Reset the synced tempo”.
  • Fixed
    • Crashed when importing some tracks.
    • Potential crash during start-up.
    • Unable to remove the connected device after previewing a track in the device.
    • Backup failed if the library contained certain tracks.
    • Sometimes recording failed when recording for over 3 hours.
    • Sometimes unable to tick “Synchronize iTunes playlists” in the SYNC MANAGER.
    • Related tracks weren’t shown when the XDJ-RX/XDJ-RX2 was connected via Pro DJ Link as the master player.
    • Sometimes playback position was wrong when clicking the preview waveform.
    • Sometimes incorrect color appeared in the browse area.
    • LOOP overlay on the enlarged waveform disappeared when changing the screen layout in EXPORT mode with HOT CUE LOOP enabled.
    • Squashed images when the video quality was high.
    • Anchor information was sometimes incorrect in the MACRO EDITOR.
    • “Auto-size this column/all columns” in the browse area worked incorrectly.
    • Sometimes unable to switch from the internal mode to the relative mode when using the DDJ-XP1.
    • Potential crash when using the DDJ-SZ.
    • Unable to customize the color of RELEASE FX ECHO in PAD FX.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.

Download rekordbox here.


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