06 lipca, 2017

rekordbox update Ver. 4.4.0

This latest version of the free rekordbox music management software brings new features and fixes


  • New
  • Improved
    • Increased the Output Level that can be set in the Preferences.
  • Fixed
    • When a deck was paused, you couldn’t select it as the Master deck.
    • A dialog message asking to insert a disk was displayed on certain computers when launching rekordbox on a computer with a card reader that had no memory card inserted.
    • The track list skipped right before you stopped scrolling using the trackpad on a Mac.
    • The TIME/REMAIN display was different on rekordbox dj and XDJ/CDJ.
    • An incorrect curve was selected on the XDJ-R1 and XDJ-AERO when the crossfader curve selector switch was set to center position.
    • Image files with transparency were pixelated when displayed in a video.
    • The rekordbox application froze on Mac OS 10.9 when using functions that display a file save dialog.
    • Potential big latency when using DVS.
    • Improved stability of DVS.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

Download rekordbox here



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