12 grudnia, 2017

Free warranty extension for XPRS Series active speakers.

Up to 7 years of free repairs in various regions including Europe and North America. Claim your XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate today.

Pioneer Pro Audio is extending the free warranty period for the popular XPRS Series active speakers. You can now receive up to seven years of cover by registering your products online.

Since the launch of the XPRS Series in early 2016, the compact, high-powered active speakers have been in demand as a versatile plug-and-play system that’s ideal for live sound, mobile DJs, places of worship, rental and fixed installations. Recently, the Series was strengthened even further with the introduction of the XPRS10 two-way full range speaker and the XPRS115S single 15-inch subwoofer. And, such is Pioneer Pro Audio’s belief in its products and their reliability, all XPRS speakers now come with a highly competitive warranty of up to seven years.

Warranty Extension eligible products

Full-range speakers: XPRS10, XPRS12, XPRS15
Subwoofers: XPRS115S, XPRS215S

Warranty Extension eligible parts

Free repairs are available on amplifier parts for up to five years and on other parts such as speaker drivers for up to seven years from the date of purchase, once the products have been registered online. Check the list below for details of warranty duration in your country.

Eligible countries and warranty periods

Area Country Warranty Period
Limited of 3 Years
Additional Warranty with Product Registration
Amplifier parts + 2 years
Other parts + 4 years
Africa South Africa
Asia and Middle East Israel, Turkey, UAE
Europe European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) Countries,
Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine
North America Canada & USA
Oceania Australia
All Other Countries
(Not listed above)

The product must have been purchased in one of the countries listed above.

Your repair request must be made to our authorised service centre in the country where you purchased the product.

The above warranty period starts from the date you purchased the speaker from Pioneer DJ Corporation (PDJ) or a PDJ authorised store.

Activate Warranty Extension via product registration

When purchasing the eligible products, you can create an account on the Pioneer DJ website and use the product registration pages to register your XPRS speaker(s). You’ll then be able to download your XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate (pdf). To use the free repair service within the extended warranty period, the following conditions must be met when you submit your product for repair:

  • Eligible products: your product must have the same model and serial numbers detailed on your XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate
  • Proof of purchase: you must supply the original sales receipt, showing the date of product purchase, store name and product name.
  • XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate: you must supply a printed copy of the XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate downloaded after product registration. The date of registration must be within 90 days of product purchase.

Previously purchased products

If you purchased one of the eligible products satisfying the above conditions before 31st December 2017, you can claim the extended warranty service by registering the products at the Product Registration page until the end of March 2018, as long as the above warranty conditions are satisfied.

How to Download the XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate

  1. Log in to your Pioneer DJ account or register
  2. Click on [Your Name] to display [My Profile]
  3. Click on the [My Products] tab
  4. Click on the "download your warranty certificate" button at the bottom right corner of the product registration area for the applicable product
  5. Download the XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate (pdf)

Other Information

For details on how to download the XPRS Warranty Extension Certificate and full terms and conditions of the warranty, log in or create an account. Product registration is available on your account pages.


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