05 lipca, 2016

Pioneer Pro Audio meets Magadalena

Our friends at Pioneer Pro Audio have installed their biggest-ever sound system at Berlin nightclub Magdalena.

Berlin nightclub Magdalena has installed the biggest-ever sound system custom designed by Pioneer Pro Audio. Housed in a former power plant built in 1903, Magdalena’s main room has a modest capacity of 800. But the club’s owners wanted high SPL and coverage of the space surpassing that of any other venue on the planet. The huge system comprises 8 three-metre GS-WAVE dancefloor stacks with 8 tweeter pods overhead, plus 2 WAV-SUBs coupled at the front of the DJ booth and 2 more directly opposite at the back of the room to create a power alley of pure subsonic frequencies down the centre of the room.

"We wanted a world-class system that would produce huge sound, and Pioneer Pro Audio has delivered it – and more," explains Daniel Mizgalski, Magdalena’s co-owner. "Nowhere in our main room is untouched by the music."

Watch the video or find out more on PioneerProAudio.com


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