06 sierpnia, 2015

Limited edition: PLX-1000 turntable & DJM-S9 mixer for Serato DJ available in gold

Turntablists are in for a treat with the release of limited edition gold models of the PLX-1000 turntable and DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ. Both feature a gold-finish top panel and elements of gold throughout their design, including the turntable’s tone arm and the mixer’s crossfader and channel fader knobs.

We're releasing just 1,000 PLX-1000-Ns and 500 DJM-S9-Ns worldwide, each bearing a plate engraved with its unique serial number – making this a golden opportunity to get your hands on a truly unique set-up.

Key features PLX-1000-N

  • Classic DJ turntable layout
  • High-torque direct drive (33⅓ rpm in 0.3 seconds)
  • Solid build for excellent vibration damping
  • Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%
  • Removable power, ground and phono cables
  • Rubber-lined, S-shaped tone arm
  • Tempo reset button
  • Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks

Find out more about the PLX-1000-N

Key features DJM-S9-N

  • Plug-and-play with Serato DJ (free).
  • Tough, responsive and customisable magnetic crossfader
  • Multi-coloured Performance Pads
  • Instant access to a wealth of FX
  • Two USB sound cards for seamless DJ transitions
  • Professional audio circuitry and build

Find out more about the DJM-S9-N


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