Where to buy: Plovdiv

Where to buy: Bulgaria

Plovdiv (Plovdiv)

Music Shop Ellectrica
ul. "Abadzhiyska" 11
4000 Plovdiv

Profi Sound LTD Plovdiv
str. "Georgi Sava Rakovski" 57
1000 Plovdiv

Shterio Zapriyanov LTD
Pazardzhisko shose 120, 4-th km, Tech Technostar Building
4000 Plovdiv

Develoti LTD
str. " Aabadzhiiska" 11
4000 Plovdiv

Technopolis Plovdiv
bul. “ Sankt Peterburg” 133, (do “Метро”), 4000 Plovdiv 133
4000 Plovdiv

Profi Sound LTD
Maragidik” 17
4000 Plovdiv

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