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Free music management software for DJs


DJ software & Audio interfaces

Prepare and manage your tracks

rekordbox makes DJing creative and hassle-free, helping you manage your music, prepare sets, edit playlists on the fly, and review your performances. A DJ’s best friend, it analyses BPM, beat position and key information, so you can create killer playlists and add cues and quantized loops that are perfectly snapped to the beat. Then simply export your tracks to USB and load them to a CDJ or XDJ player to perform at your best.

Download rekordbox for free to discover features including:

  • Analyse tracks to retrieve BPM info and store it in the ID3 tag for use on compatible players.
  • Preview the waveform of tracks directly from the playlist to find breakdowns and drops quickly, and play from a point of your choosing.
  • Set and store point information for cueing, looping, and hot cueing.
  • Use to 2-Player mode to mix in the software check the compatibility of your tracks.
  • Match tracks for future reference or let rekordbox suggest related tracks – based on key, BPM, and genre.
  • Create and add tags to tracks (or choose from pre-sets) to find them quickly later.
  • View and edit up to 5 playlists simultaneously.
  • Easily record and store your analogue sound sources using our normalize technology. There’s no need for extra volume or recording monitoring as this is done automatically by a single click in the software.

These features are just a taste of what rekordbox has to offer. Use rekordbox in combination with a compatible CDJ or XDJ player and unleash its true power:

  • Quickly browse and search your music with at-a-glance info including waveforms, quantized beat grids, key analysis, and phase meter.
  • Access features such as Hot Cue Auto Load, Beat Sync, and Active Loop.
  • Use Pro DJ Link to connect to up to 4 top-flight devices, e.g. the CDJ-2000NXS2 or CDJ-900NXS, and share one source via LAN cable.

rekordbox is also available as an app for iOS and Android, allowing you to prepare your DJ performance anywhere you go. Easily sync track information across all your devices in one-click with Sync Manager.

You can also use the app also to wirelessly stream your prepared tracks from your smartphone or tablet to a CDJ-2000NXS2 or XDJ-AERO.

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