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DJ software Plus Pack


DJ software & Audio interfaces

Expand your horizons

rekordbox dj DJ software gives you the flexibility to use a single rekordbox library to manage your music, prepare tracks and perform sets – whether you prefer to play with controllers, CDJs or XDJs. Simply buy the rekordbox dj Plus Pack from within the latest (free) version of rekordbox music management software.

rekordbox dj is highly responsive with low memory usage to deliver a stable performance whatever spec laptop you use. Plus its GUI precisely mirrors the layout of our controllers to give you instinctive and effortless control of all the software's features.

Try before you buy: Download the 30-day free trial


Key features

  • Multi-screen browsing

    rekordbox dj - split GUI

    Split the GUI into two screens – one for browsing and the other for the performance features – and toggle them using the space bar.

  • PC Master Out


    For flexibility you can choose to hear your mix through your computer’s internal speakers or a connected desktop speaker, while using your headphones to cue independently of the master out at the same time.

  • Sequence Call


    Create sample sequences in rekordbox then select and play them directly on compatible hardware using the Sequence Call button.

  • Sequence Load


    A dedicated button on the DDJ-RR lets you load sample sequences onto a deck to scratch it and manipulate the sound as if it were a track.

  • Pad FX

    rekordbox dj - pad fx

    Use the new Pad FX to create multiple FX chains using all 16 pads.

  • Performance features

    Customise your sound colour FX and get plug-and-play access to quantized Beat FX. Use the Release FX to exit complex effect patterns using a vinyl brake, echo, or back spin.

  • Direct recording

    Record straight to your laptop during performance.

  • Where to buy

    You can buy the rekordbox dj license key on or at a selection of authorised stores*.
    *Availability is limited to a selected number of countries and/or regions.


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