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DJM-S7 2-ch performance DJ mixer for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

This 2-channel battle mixer gives you the freedom to customize your setup and show your unique style. The unit enables free use of Serato DJ Pro and performance features in rekordbox.

Tutorial series

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Skillz with Eskei83: DJM-S7 Loop MIDI Skillz

Learn how to customize Loop MIDI functions on the DJM-S7 using the included Serato DJ Pro software.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S7 Loop MIDI Mode Pt. 1

DJ Emii shows how she uses Loop MIDI mode 1 on the DJM-S7. Pulling on the effects levers to create drum rhythms with samples in Serato DJ Pro, she then changes the beat cycle to create a build-up.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S7 Loop MIDI Mode Pt. 2

With Loop MIDI mode Pt. 2 on the DJM-S7, you can use the effect levers to trigger functions in Serato DJ Pro. Here, DJ Emii repeatedly plays a Hot Cue and adjusts the beat timing, then fires a sample to end the loop.
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Skillz with DJ Emii: DJM-S7 Bluetooth Freestyle

Sending audio via Bluetooth from her phone to her preferred channel on the DJM-S7, DJ Emii can use the battle mixer’s features and effects to manipulate the sound and scratch over it.

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