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Passion For Scratching – Scratch-style 2-channel DJ mixer for Serato DJ Pro

The DJM-S5 mixer is perfect if you’re looking to get into the scratch and battle scenes, combining intuitive operation with exciting performance features.
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DJM-S5 Performance Artist Walkthrough

Watch DJs Donch, Batgiest, and DJ Aik jam together and communicate through the language of scratching on the DJM-S5.

Tutorial series

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DJM-S5 Tutorial – Scratch Cutter

Mr Switch introduces us to the Scratch Cutter feature on the DJM-S5, which includes 6 cutting patterns to help you learn the fundamental moves that underpin scratching techniques.
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DJM-S5 Tutorial – Baby And Forward Scratches

Mr Switch shows us how to perform the baby scratch and the forward scratch, with and without the help of the DJM-S5 Scratch Cutter feature.
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DJM-S5 Tutorial – Scratch Cutter In Your Mix

Mr Switch demonstrates how to effectively use the DJM-S5 Scratch Cutter feature in your DJ sets.

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