Long-Mix-Tutorial IsdXkSAK_zw

DDJ-SB3 Tutorials Long Mix

DJ Ravine of Point Blank DJ School brings together two beatmatched tracks over a long period of time in this tutorial, using the DDJ-SB3.
Cueing-Techniques-Tutorial qX5vVcoeN7s

DDJ-SB3 Tutorials Cueing Techniques

The Hot Cues are one of the most frequently used features on the DDJ-SB3. Stanley walks us through how to set them and when to deploy them.
How-To-Pad-Scratch-Tutorial 2PVk_jsydYo

DDJ-SB3 Tutorials How to Use Pad Scratch

The DDJ-SB3’s unique Pad Scratch feature was developed with the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. In this tutorial, Stanley demonstrates how you can use the function to emulate popular scratch patterns.
DDJ-SB3 BxvjiMJv70U

DDJ-SB3 official introduction

Jazzy Jeff ACApg9lUX5U

DJ Jazzy Jeff on turntablism and the DDJ-SB3

We sat down with DJ Jazzy Jeff to talk about vinyl culture and why advancing it is so important to the hip hop legend. Having helped us develop the new Pad Scratch feature for the DDJ-SB3 2-channel DJ controller, he reflects on why he chose to contribute to the project and what he hopes it will do for aspiring scratch masters.

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