01 February, 2019

Mixes of the Month – January | Pioneer DJ Radio

Hear the shows that mesmerised Pioneer DJ Radio listeners. This month’s list features mixes by Hoax, Öona Dahl, Louie Fresco, and more.

Öona Dahl

Achieve enlightenment with Öona Dahl’s Sounds for Higher Realms. Her second set on the Underground Sounds of America series is packed with deep, elegant jams.


Put your headphones on, lean back, and enjoy the smooth ride that is Hoax’s Euphoric Sessions.

Louie Fresco

Enter The Void with Louie Fresco. Ominous, ethereal and experimental, the talented head of Mexa Records will play maestro with your mood.

Ada Kaleh

They say you should meditate every day, and Ada wants you to do so on your feet. So, what are you waiting for? Be moved.


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