23 May, 2018

rekordbox update ver. 5.2.3

This latest version of our free rekordbox music management software brings a number of fixes.

  • New
    • Lighting panel lets you select the deck you want to use to control lighting when connected to the RB-DMX1.
  • Fixed
    • Grid position drifted when BPM sync was applied to tracks of the same BPM.
    • Lighting thumbnails didn’t change until the GRID panel closed, even when cutting/clearing phrases or changing the type.
    • Echo volume increased when FREEZE was enabled in ECHO in Beat FX single mode.
    • Some Vietnamese letters displayed incorrectly.
    • Potential crash when importing or analysing some tracks.
    • QUANTIZE button was not lit on 1-Player mode panel in EXPORT mode when rebooting rekordbox with QUANTIZE enabled.
    • Scroll position returned to the top when browsing during playback.
    • The track paused in certain circumstances.
    • After rebooting, some keyboard shortcuts were disabled.
    • After selecting a track in a playlist, browsing another playlist and coming back to the original playlist, the track was displayed in the centre of the screen.
    • Some already played tracks didn’t turn green on the DDJ-RZX browse screen.
    • Potential freeze when using the BEAT button and the TIME knob on the controller with RMX EFFECTS
    • “And" search function was unavailable when using the SEARCH during ONLINE EXPORT.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.

Download rekordbox here.


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